Dep. Of Information Technology

Introduction to the Information Technology Department

Gaza University, an emerging university striving to ascend the ladder of success towards the top with deliberation and brilliance, has deemed the presence of an Information Technology (IT) department with its various divisions and services a pressing and necessary need on the path of the university's progress and advancement in its noble mission over the coming years, with the grace of God.

Hence, the IT department is considered the eye through which the university perceives the light of technological advancement. It derives insight from it to progress and serves as a channel for information and technology that impact our lives from all directions. The services of this department are divided into several different divisions, including:

  1. Supervision of the computer software system.
  2. Supervision of the university's laboratories.
  3. Monitoring the network's status and ensuring its smooth operation.
  4. Providing wireless internet services to all students and staff of the university.
  5. Supervision of the maintenance and technical support unit, providing necessary hardware diagnostics and performance optimization.

Furthermore, the IT department aims to provide e-learning services in the future, incorporating the advantages of accessing lectures electronically and facilitating communication between teachers and students through computer-based exams and submission of assignments, among other integrated approaches. This strengthens the nerve of academic life and propels it forward, so that we can all reach the ultimate goal and dream cherished by every member of this university family: a quality university that provides education and culture to all Palestinians.