Dep. Of Planning, Development, & Quality




Since its establishment in Gaza City in 2007, Gaza University has been dedicated to providing academic and educational services to Palestinian youth, aiming to meet the diverse scientific and professional needs of the community. Recognizing the importance of progress and growth in a rapidly changing and multidimensional world, the university places a strong emphasis on quality as a cornerstone of its efforts. It strives to implement local and international accreditation standards to keep pace with educational policies in the era of globalization. The university also acknowledges the urgent need for continuous improvement and development in various departments, in order to identify and overcome challenges that may hinder academic and administrative advancement, and to adapt to the rapid developments occurring in higher education at the local, regional, and global levels.

To address these needs, the Planning, Development, and Quality Department was established. It serves as an essential component of the university system, coordinating planning and development efforts, ensuring the quality of academic, administrative, and technical processes, and promoting their integration.

It is a genuine response to the university's commitment to enhancing its performance at all levels, in accordance with local and international quality standards. The department employs precise measurement tools to identify strengths and work on their reinforcement and development. It also focuses on identifying weaknesses and deficiencies and working towards their improvement, in line with the university's strategic vision of achieving leadership and excellence in education and scientific research. The ultimate goal is to graduate outstanding students equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to serve and contribute to society, guided by global quality systems and contemporary requirements. The department aspires to reach a level of local, regional, and global excellence and quality that aligns with the university's aspirations.