Deanship Of The Students’ Affairs

Introduction to Student Affairs


Gaza University is a prominent academic institution that values the university student as the core of the academic and educational process. In order to ensure the continuation of the educational process in its proper form, Gaza University established the Student Affairs Deanship at the beginning of the academic year 2010-2009. The Student Affairs Deanship is responsible for overseeing all aspects of student affairs during their university studies.

The Student Affairs Deanship is considered the vibrant and active heart of the university. It serves as a hub for the creativity and talents of students in various fields. It supports non-curricular cultural and sports activities aimed at enhancing the students' culture, expanding their knowledge, and helping them acquire beneficial knowledge and experiences. It encourages their participation in community engagement, reinforces their sense of belonging to their university and society, and provides them with opportunities to pursue activities that align with their interests and talents under an official umbrella. It enables them to participate both inside and outside the university.

From the moment students enter the university, the Student Affairs Deanship opens its doors to them, familiarizes them with the university and its facilities, and begins the process of shaping their personalities in all aspects. It greatly enhances their creativity and talents, making them leaders in society after their university life.