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Within the structure of strengthen cooperation and joint academic interchange between Gaza University along with UTM, Malaysia mark the Memorandum of Understanding.



Gaza - Public Relations:

Gaza University signs today a memorandum (memo) of understanding towards cooperation together with UTM University in Malaysia in the presence of Gaza University President Prof. Dr. Riyad Alkhoudary, chairman of the dean director Mr. Husam Alalol, Dr. Ali Mansour, vice-president of the University for the international relation and foreign affairs, dean of the Engineering college Dr. Khalil AlBursh, President of UTM Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fawzy Ismail, dean of Engineering college; Prof. Muhammad Rafiq as well as a group of academic staff from both Universities via zoom. 

Prof. Dr. Riyad Al-Khudari demonstrated that Gaza University hosts many distinguished scientific colleges in numerous fields encompassing Communication Sciences and Languages, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Administrative and Financial Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and others. Additionally, Master of Public Relations and Media.

The President maintains that University always eager to network with local, Arab, and foreign educational institutions to extend new horizons o partnership to supply university students and community indicating to the powerful relationship between Gaza University and UTM – Malaysia.

The President of UTM Malaysian Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fawzi Ismail demonstrated his cheerfulness on signing the memorandum of understanding with Gaza University that materialized within the framework of association with the academic and exchange in all fields such as academic and student swap and directions of common interest besides the exchange of publications, scientific research and organizing joint scientific conferences that contribute to progression of the educational actuality in Palestine.

Last year, it is noteworthy to declare that both Gaza University and UTM organized the first International Conference in Information Technology and Business as well as innumerable scientific gathering and discussions.