first training course in entrepreneurship and freelancing


As part of the BITPAL project, which aims to promote creativity and innovation in IT programs in Palestinian universities, the Business and Technology Incubator (BTI) launched the first batch of the Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship course. According to the agreement signed between the incubators and BITPAL partner universities under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Sidem to improve the education sector in the field of ICT.

The incubator implemented an integrated scientific course with a total of 40 students from partner universities. The course enrolled in the incubator will be equivalent to the matched course in the students' academic plan.

The incubator sought to implement the course of Entrepreneurship in an interactive and interactive manner, in accordance with the different requirements and objectives of the target disciplines (information technology, branches, engineering and design) by engaging a group of experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs from the incubator's staff and from outside, and is also assisted by experienced and inspirational success stories.

During the course, the students in two divisions experienced a modern and interactive course integrating them into applied environment. The incubator is considered as a seed for spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among university students in its practical methodology to implement activities such as duties, mentoring, personal training, and forming teams.

Rania Al Madhoun - a multimedia student enrolled in the EFC- praised the course by explaining his vision of self to develop and explain her skills to find jobs on her own and not to wait for the job and expressed her appreciation to the coordinators of the course to increase her awareness.

Mahmoud Al-Dalu and Mahmoud Al-Karnz added that the course has broadened their understanding of the market and helped them to think about applying science on the ground by thinking about establishing their own projects. He added that the course is new to them in terms of titles and topics that have not been addressed. And the fact that the course is given by a specialized team through the incubator helped them to get a closer look at the mechanism of working incubators and their treatment and support for projects, stimulating students and students to experience the pilot and think outside the box.

The incubator seeks to be the final outlet of this batch of young men and women who are familiar with the culture of entrepreneurship and telework, are eligible to mature their ideas, which will be developed during the course with the trainers from the experts to ideas only to projects can be funded and incubation, To provide an opportunity to incubate and finance up to 5000 euros, by the project management of the best ideas resulting from the students of the course, instead of the individual work opportunity through training on the sites of the work remotely, combining community service and the development of pioneering culture between Lab students and Palestinian universities in the sector.