Introduction to the Library



Gaza University Library was established in 2006 along with the establishment of the university itself. It serves as a scholarly, cultural, and educational resource in both traditional and electronic formats. The library houses a collection of books, journals, references, brochures, and CDs, encompassing thousands of titles in both Arabic and English. Additionally, it provides electronic books that include full copies of scientific books and references in various fields of specialization offered by the university. These resources can be accessed and utilized by students and faculty members from any computer connected to the university's network. It is worth noting that the library's acquisition process is ongoing and subject to the available resources due to the imposed blockade on the Strip.

The library's contents are divided into books and references specific to the faculties and majors taught at the university, as well as diverse books covering various areas of human knowledge. This is done with the aim of serving the faculty and students both inside and outside the university campus. The library adopts an integrated library system in all its technical and administrative operations, utilizing a dedicated software program. This program includes cataloging, classification, and indexing of all library holdings. It also incorporates automated borrowing, online searching, and book reservations from outside the university campus, providing beneficiaries with a time-saving and efficient means of accessing information.

Recognizing the importance of scientific and technological advancements in the world of books and libraries, the university has been keen on subscribing to electronic databases. These databases allow users to benefit from a wealth of electronic books, journals, bulletins, theses, and magazines. Such subscriptions are made available within a policy set by the university administration and the library management to ensure information provision and facilitate access.

It is worth mentioning that Gaza University Library is a member of the Palestinian Libraries and Information Centers Association (PALICO). PALICO aims to keep up with technological developments in the information field and collaborates with local and international institutions to support and enhance information services.


Library Mission:

The primary mission of the library is to support the educational process and scientific research in order to achieve advanced and distinguished levels for its students and faculty. It aims to keep pace with scientific and technological advancements in all fields, particularly in curricula and university courses. This is achieved by developing its collections with various resources and providing electronic information sources in various fields of human knowledge. The goal is to meet the needs of the university community, including faculty, staff, and students.

The university also promotes mutual interaction between its library and other university libraries through the establishment of collaborative agreements. These agreements aim to facilitate the availability of a wide range of information sources to benefit the library users.


Library Policy:

The library's collection consists of numerous books, journals, references, newsletters, and CDs in both Arabic and English languages. For reference books, three copies of each title are deposited, while non-reference books have six copies of each title. The library also ensures the availability of academic works by the university's faculty, either through purchases or donations. Subscriptions have been made to various electronic databases to provide access to a wealth of books, journals, newsletters, and university theses for users to benefit from.