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Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit


Keeping up with the rapid technological development has become an urgent need for community with its various sectors, which requires the presence of a party that contributes to technology transfer, promotes the concept of creativity and innovation among members of society, and encourages the adoption of new policies and concepts in the working system of various institutions. The previously mentioned steps help in the success of the digital transformation and incubating innovative startups. This is an essential factor for economic development and support of sustainable development.

Accordingly, the idea of ​​the Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit was launched in Gaza University, as an essential and effective part of the Center for Sustainable Development. It is a new model with a creative working methodology that will contribute positively by its outcomes in the local, regional and international environment.


  • Transferring technology, promoting its use between various sectors, and assisting in its commercialization.
  • Networking and seeking partnerships to develop and market various technological services
  • Encouraging cooperation between academic institutions, civil society and the technology sector in the field of research, innovation, and the development of new technological products.
  • Disseminating the culture of creativity and innovation in the society, especially the education sector.
  • Awareness and knowledge dissemination for the optimal use of technology to improve the sustainability in the social, economic and environmental fields
  • Capacity building for human resource to achieve the digital transformation in institutions
  • Integration and participation in networks and institutions of innovation and technology transfer at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Contributing to advancing scientific research and supporting innovation in the field of technology transfer in higher education institutions
  • Directing applied technical research projects to build sustainable partnerships between the academic and other sectors.
  • Contributing to raising awareness of intellectual property rights that enhance the information technology sector.
  • Contribute to the application of novel models of technology entrepreneurship and online freelancing to achieve competitive advantage and economic sustainability.

Tracks of Work

  1. Networking between the academic sector and industry
  2. Entrepreneurship and innovation
  3. Online freelance
  4. Intellectual property
  5. Networking with regional and international technology transfer centers
  6. Capacity building
  7. Applied scientific research
  8. Digital transformation
  9. Transfer of knowledge