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Training program in Game industry


The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology conducted a training program for capacity building of academics in the computer games industry in the presence of the University President Prof. Dr. Farid Al-Qeeq and the Vice President for External Relations Dr. Ali Mansour. The program lasted for three weeks with 60 training hours with the participation of eight Spanish experts from Spanish universities and colleges specialized in this field.

The training comes as part of the EMPEG project to develop the multimedia program towards computer games industry, which is funded by World Bank through the Quality Improvement Fund at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, implemented by Gaza University in partnership with Palestine Technical College, Al-Tariq Systems and Projects and the Palestinian ICT Incubator.

The president expressed his happiness for the fruitful cooperation with the Spanish universities, which contributes positively to the exchange of experiences and capacity building and opened new horizons at the academic and scientific level.

 Dr. Ali Mansour talked about the importance of international relations between universities in achieving joint development and research projects to develop and enhance academic partnerships.

Dr. Kholoud ElBatsh, Project Manager, appreciates the participants for their interests and encourages them to invest the training material effectively to develop new courses and enhance their skills.

She also thanked the training consultant who selected the expert trainers carefully to suit the topics of the training and reflects the value added by the scientific content of the training material to the participants and mentioned that this training program is the first of its kind at the national level.

In the end, the certificates were distributed to the participants and Dr. ElBatsh thanked the project coordinator Mr. Mahmoud Mansour for the excellent organization and implementation of the training program.